What is UNCServer.exe and How to Disable UNCServer

Before discussing the part should we remove UNCServer.exe, one should learn about what is uncserver. So, the .exe extension on a filename implies an executable file. These files can sometimes cause harm to your computer. This .exe can be described as a System Update Server Module. It runs while system update is running, and as a separate windows task.

Several people are confused about the UNCServer.exe. So, this executable file is an essential part of the Lenovo system update. Lenovo developed this System Update for enhancing the performance of the device.

What is UNCServer.exe

The location of the executable helps you to determine whether the file is a virus or a legitimate windows’ process. Just like UNCServer.exe only runs from C:\Program Files\lenovo\system update\tvsu.exe.

UNCServer what is it? Is it a Virus or Malware? Read below to find out:

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You can confirm it by opening the Task Manager and then go to the View option and click Columns and then select the ‘Image Path Name.’ It will help you to add a location column to the Task Manager.

Microsoft Process Explorer is also able to identify a bad process. And it doesn’t even need any installation process to activate. Select the ‘Check Legends’ option.

After that, select View, and next Columns. Add ‘Verified Signer.’ If the verified signer listed as ‘Unable to verify,’ then you should look or investigate the process. Bad windows process doesn’t have any verified signature label.

Should UNCServer be Removed?

The UNCsercer exe is an installation file of the Lenovo system and it is signed by Lenovo. But a Malicious harmful file that poses as UnServer.exe will have the required permissions to grant access to TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) ports.

It is for both of the Public and Domain profiles. And that is the main reason why one should make sure that the UNCServer.exe file is legitimate and is not a risk or harmful threat to the computer. And to ensure this, one should go for a Deep Malwarebytes Scan to receive a confirmation that this executable file is not a harmful threat.

How to remove or disable UNCServer

One can quickly stop the running of the unc server .exe on the computer. But it can be hazardous for the computer. If you are determined to remove UNCServer.exe, then your computer might lose the ability to self-update. And it will also prevent the automatic installation of the latest security patches.

So, before removing, keep this warning in mind, and continue these below-mentioned steps.

1) Uninstall Lenovo System Update Software

The first step is merely uninstalling the Lenovo system update. This update runs with the window and starts automatically. Lenovo system update downloads and installs the updates automatically.

This is one of the quickest ways one can use. But, this also comes with the risk of losing computers self-update ability. If you still want to continue with the process, they do follow these points.

  1. The First step will start by pressing together the Windows and the R key. It will open a dialog box. After that, type ‘appwiz.cpl.’ Next, tap on the Enter Key. It will take you to the ‘Program’ and ‘Features Window.’
  2. After arriving at the Programs and Features window, scroll down the list of Applications and find Lenovo System Update. Once you have located it, right-click on it and select the Uninstall option.
  3. To complete the entire uninstallation process, the on-screen prompts should be followed.
  4. After the complete uninstall process, restart the computer again.
  5. Finally, check the Task Manager. Just check if the uncserver. Exe still draining the system resource. If the process is completed correctly, then the .exe cannot be seen in the processes list.

2) By using TVSUpdateTask

If the step mentioned above doesn’t come to your help, then you can follow this next method.

  1. First, run the dialog box by pressing the Windows Key + R key. Next, you have to type ‘taskschd.msc.’ and, after that, press the Enter Key. It will open a Task Scheduler Utility.
  2. Once you have opened the Task Scheduler, the vertical menu should be expanded to the right. Next, select the TVT option from the start menu.
  3. Next, scroll through the list of tasks on the pane menu. And search for the TVSUpdateTask.
  4. Once you have located it, right-click on it. Next from the context menu, select the Disable. It will disable the task together.
  5. Next, restart the computer.
  6. This change will stop the Lenovo update from running and UNCServer.exe in the background. But you can still update it manually.

Fix errors of UNC server Application

The primary way you can avoid the problems with the Lenovo system update is to keep a clean computer. This indicates cleaning your harddisk, uninstalling unnecessary programs, malware scans and enabling automatic windows update. Always remember to make backups and define recovery points.

If you face a bigger problem, then try to call back the last installed thing on your computer. You can use the ‘resmon’ command to locate the process, which is the leading cause of your problem.

Use external PC repair to fix UNCServer.exe

In many cases, you are not able to this application because you are using some component of it in the parent applications. So, in that case you have only one way of fixation of UNCServer.exe on your system.

However, it is pretty complicated to find the exact reason or proess to fix it, so you need an tool or app that can complete all the checks and resolve the issues around UNCServer automatically. You need to follow the below instructions to perform such operations.

1) download automatic PC repair software and install this application on your computer.

2) When you finish the installation, run the program on your computer to take some action.

3) To fix UNCServer.exe, you need to check the program list and find the UNC Server program and then click on the “repair” item from the software screen to execute the data.

Let’s Recap

So, we get the overview that, UNCServer.exe window file is a harmful virus, and it can be the cause of the computer system damage. So, one should delete it to avoid the problem, follow the steps mentioned above to find out how one can remove it.

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