Unable to Update the Minecraft Native Launcher [2021]

Minecraft is a very popular 3D computer game that many people love to play. Minecraft is a game on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. It is quite simple but interesting and available in both Windows and iOS. But sometimes people become unable to update the Minecraft native launcher.

Here in this context, we will try to discuss the possible reasons for this issue and different ways to fix this.

Reasons behind Minecraft Launcher Update Error

 Some of these are :

New Launcher contains bugs

 The new Minecraft Launcher has a complicated path of downloading files from the internet. It contains a bug in this software that restricts the path of the file transfer. This problem gets more complicated when the internet speed is low. Most of the users do not know about this and get frustrated due to this.

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Unupdated Windows

 Sometimes, the Windows version in the machine does not support the new update of the game. And hence the downloading gets paused, and sometimes the game crashes. For example, if someone is unable to update the Minecraft native launcher 2020 in is Windows 8, that is because Windows 8 sometimes restricts external file downloading and does not support the Minecraft.

Poor internet connection

 Sometimes, the user can not detect the main reason behind the issues to update the Minecraft and thinks that the game software has some problems. But as for updating any application, smooth internet is needed, the downloading can stop or take too much time because of poor internet connection.

Any Problem in HDD

There has to be at least 1 GB space available for the game core. Minecraft game also contains maps and other pieces of information that require more extra space.

Inappropriate LINUX

A 64 bits of modern organized Linux is a must for Minecraft players. And the version must not be before 2014. And if any of these requirements do not match, the user may face issues.

A problem in twitch

 Twitch is a gameplay live streaming platform where players love to visit. Sometimes being unable to update the Minecraft native launcher twitch also arrives as a problem.

RAM capacity

For the best experience of Minecraft, the user should have 8 GB RAM. The user can also play the Minecraft in 4 GB RAM, but it can create issues to update the game.

Defect in GPU

 The GPU(both integrated and discrete) must be in proper condition and should not be backdated. Otherwise, the game can crash, and updating is impossible.

Too much-backdated version

 Sometimes, when the user installs and uses a backdated version, it becomes difficult to update them into the newest version. The user should have Minecraft version 1.6 or any newer version, not older than that.

A mismatched version of Java

 Sometimes, users use a mismatched version of Java according to their OS. And in this case, the game will definitely crash and can be updated. For example, if you use Java 7.0 in mac, being unable to update the Minecraft native launcher mac will be a problem obviously.

Using RT Tablets

 Minecraft will never run on RT tablets as these do not support the Minecraft software and the required Java version.

Fixes Unable to Update the Minecraft Native Launcher

There are various ways to fix the above problems according to situations. These are :

1) Fix your PC problems

Check if there is any problem with your PC. Take advice from other experienced players and software repairers. If you become twitch unable to update the Minecraft native launcher, you can ask the help of iOS specialists.

2) Repair and reorganize your Minecraft:

  1.  Press R while holding the Windows key.
  2.  Write appwiz.cpl. And press Enter.
  3.  Click EnterLocate Minecraft from the list.
  4.  Select repair after right-clicking Minecraft.

3) Install Minecraft Software again:

Sometimes, the Minecraft installed in our pc is from any corrupt site or contains some unusual data. So we need to uninstall the game and install it again from any other fresh website.

4) Removing old Minecraft related files:

Sometimes, while updating the Minecraft, some old Minecraft files create some issues in terms of space and interfere. So, we need to clean the software cache files regularly to make the PC run faster. Here is the process to clean the cache files.

  1. Go to ‘Start.’
  2. Click on ‘Run.’
  3. Type ‘tree’ and click on ‘Ok.’

5) Clearing temporary files:

There are also some temporary gaming files that can make the memory of the PC slow and create problems to run and update the Minecraft. To clear the temporary files:

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  1. Go to ‘Start.’
  2. Click on ‘Run.’
  3. Type ‘%temp%’ and click on ‘Ok.’

6) Disabling antivirus:

Disable the Antivirus before updating the Minecraft application.

Final Words:

You should also need to be careful about the CPU defects, power supply, and the free space in the memory.

Stop downloading the game from any site without checking if the site is not corrupt. Because sometimes, installing the game from the wrong site does not only restrict us from enjoying the game but also gives many pieces of information about your PC to these sites. And they can use it in cyber crimes and other corruption.

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