Top 3 Garage Bike Storage You Should Use

Covid-19 has turned the world into a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs. Every one of us has impacted our daily lives with this ongoing pandemic. The way we carry out our daily activities has changed from a simple conversation to how we travel around our city. Every single decision that is made during this pandemic will have a significant impact on your life.

Garage Bike Storage

Social distancing has been one of the most common precautions during this pandemic, together with always washing your hands. Cycling has been a good alternative than commuting in crowded places, and having a chance to get the virus can be minimized. Bikes have a high demand nowadays, which also spiked the importance of garage bike storage.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo

Delta Cycle Michelangelo or sometimes called Delta Two Bike Gravity Bike Stand. All you need to do is lean it against a wall with no attachment required. You can mount at least two bikes at a time. This usually includes a rubber bumper to protect the border and padded arms to protect the bike’s frame.

This type of bike storage is simple and straightforward to install. It is one of the most stable garage bike storage available in the market. It is also adjustable to meet your specific needs. This bike storage can be installed within minutes. It is one of the most space-efficient garage bike storage and has a neutral color that can complement its surroundings.

Steady Classic Bike Rack

Steady Classic Bike Rack is an Australian-designed garage bike storage. It is one of the most innovative bike racks invented and, most commonly, the go-to bike storage of every cyclist.
One of the reasons why cyclists choose this bike rack is because it doesn’t have contact with the bike frame, which is most sensitive to scratches. All it got contact with is the tire of the bike, which most cyclists prefer.

It can be stored at any place that you want. Storing your bikes vertically gives you a more spacious look. This bike storage is most commonly popular with mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX, kid bikes, and many more. The installation of this bike storage rack is a bit tricky and must involve a bit of an effort.

Goplus Ceiling Mounted Storage Garage

Goplus Ceiling Mounted Storage Garage is one of the most complicated bike garage storage that a cyclist can select. One of the positive sides of this bike garage storage is a heavy-duty lift that can meet all your bike storage demands. Having your bike garage storage mounted will give you a lot of space to work within your garage.

This kind of bike garage storage is ideal and perfect for meeting your storage needs. It has a reliable safety design to secure you and your bike to be safe from damages. It has a high quality of steel with plastic coated hooks to protect your bike from scratches. It is easy to operate with its pulley system that allows the bicycle an easy lifting system.

Garage Bike Storage


Amidst this pandemic, we are encountering these days. We need to be innovative and diverse in every activity that we undertake. Cycling has been one of the go-to transportation methods to avoid contact with other people to avoid getting sick. We are making bikes a high demand nowadays. Hence, the importance of having a bike garage storage.

Mountain bike, Road bike, Bmx, Fixie bike, or any bike at all should be kept securely away from people with bad intentions. These following bike storage will surely keep your bike safe from scratches and give you a lot of space left in your garage.

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