3 Nifty Tricks in Splitting PDF Online

If you find yourself tasked with splitting a PDF, either from a shared file over a messaging platform on the Internet or directly from a co-worker, the default course of action to take is to open it on a dedicated PDF editor. While this is a perfectly good thing to do, when you are pressed for time, you can take an alternative route.

That is, splitting the document online. Yes, you’ve read that right. Online PDF editing, splitting specifically, can be done on the world wide web, on a browser, with a web application. This technology wasn’t possible a decade ago, but thanks to advancements in how we work, and the continuing advancements in connectivity, it’s possible nowadays. So when you are splitting PDF online, here are some tricks that you need to know:

1#) Browser-based web applications are the future

To have the perfect split PDF online, you need a reliable PDF editor to do the job. There are many options you can have regarding this – in fact, a quick Google search will yield thousands of results. But what you need to know is that among the numerous choices you have, one of the top choices is PDF Bear’s Split PDF web application and its other suite of applications for other PDF edits and conversion.

What’s great about browser-based applications is that you don’t need to have previous know-how on how to split a PDF. What you just need to do is upload documents in it. The process is fast, and the input needed from your end is minimal at best. Determine the splitting mode then make the web application go to work, and you’re pretty much set. With browser-based applications, you’re splitting your work time on editing by at most 70%.

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2#) To know which PDF editing sites are secure, defer to SSL encryption

It’s no wonder that more and more people are relying on web applications nowadays for modern solutions – the Internet is a great resource for everything. And that’s the facts. But with the increase in demand for these types of applications, concerns on security and privacy are also raised. If you want to split PDF online safely and securely, you need to check the site first before uploading anything.

SSL, or secure sockets layer, is a great indicator of how secure a browser-based application is. Every site has its own security policy regarding users, but with sites focusing on PDF editing and the like, there should be another layer of security installed because you are uploading files directly to their servers. To identify if the site you are using has SSL, check if it has a lock icon on the left on your browser’s address bar.

3#) Highlight before you split

Splitting PDF files involves directly cutting a document into half, or more. While it is easy to do in short documents(say 10 pages tops), when you’re dealing with lengthy documents like eBooks and comprehensive guides, classifying the information and dividing them into small tidbits for better assimilation is key.

To effectively split the pages on a PDF, highlight the pages first. Once you identify the pages in the web application, let the web application do its magic. For multi-file splitting, it’s better if you do the splitting in two or three batches. With browser-based PDF applications, you can have separate and different files formed from one uploaded file. Use the highlight trick religiously to get a feel of how things should work.

Another great benefit of highlighting the pages before splitting is that you can get a glance at the new file you are splitting. Will it make sense? Is it understandable? You can answer these questions without having the file itself, and that convenience alone will save you time and effort on doing re-splits and etc.

4#) Takeaway

There is such a thing as being versatile in how you approach things. And not just in your life in general, as posited by the tricks above in how you can improve work-life balance by adhering to new advancements in technology. The next time you come across a task that involves editing a PDF, automatically defer to online editing! You already have know-how on it, so it will only improve on your skills!

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