10 Sockshare Alternatives For Movies in 2021

Online movie streaming websites have innovatively changed the route of watching films. Now, you don’t have to worry about the precious tickets or irritating co-audiences in the movie hall. With online cinema streaming sites like sockshare movies, putlockers, and others, all you need to do is grab a bucket of popcorn, make yourself comfortable, and hit the play button. Movie streaming sites are the ultimate heaven for Movie Fanatics.

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There are excellent manifold services obtainable online to contemplate movie lovers. From Putlocker, Sockshare to Popcorn Time, they will all endeavor you with satisfying spirit time while binge-watching documentaries. These sites let you invade the world ample of thousands of films and TV programs. Millions of people handle these sites to observe their preferred acts without interruption. But, of course, streaming videos and chilling at home is the modish levelheaded thing for the Millenials.

So, here I have conferred you with some supplementary information about the movie streaming site without wasting much time. And some high-grade alternatives you can use in case you face any site down issues. So scroll down and find out.


Numerous third-party streaming websites are available in the digital space to catch you up with new film releases. Sockshare is one such streaming site. You can stream your favored movies and even TV shows with this site.


Sockshare cinema movies didn’t preoccupy much time to earn popularity after its arrival. Instead, the fluid and clean interface of the site is the principal acumen to accomplish all the applause. Plus, this site is known for its limited ads.

This site has no official apps on the apple or play store. However, you can watch full-length and high-quality movies on the site of the Sockshare movie. From anime to action, it has access to all your favorite films.

Is SockShare Safe and Legal?

While streaming movies, it is imperative to know if the site is safe or not. Its server does not host this site’s content. That’s why it’s obdurate to tell what type of security the site uses.

The site may comprise viruses and dangerous software that may target online binge-watchers. However, sites like Sock Share are technically juridical as they settle the contents from other streaming sites, which are already gripping all the materials that violate the copyrights.

This third-party streaming site is reshaped by the ISP’s and various service providers. This site is even tackled by laws in many countries around the world. So, the answer is the site is illegal in some places due to the restriction of laws.

Sockshare Alternatives

Alternatives Name

1. Putlocker9

2. PopcornTime

3. Vex Movies

4. Go Stream

5. BMovies

6. 5Movies

7. CouchTuner

8. Rainierland

9. Filmzie

10. Film1k

1#) Putlocker9


The most suitable alternative to is Putlocker9. Putlocker9 is here in the game for an extended period. This most dilapidated streaming site grants an immense collection of shows and documentaries to the movie maniacs.


One of the pleasantest perks of using this site is its registration free. Putlocker9 has a restrained number of ads and implements an interruption-free occurrence for the users. The navigation of Putlocker9 is deeply propitious. 

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The site’s design could be adored, but it submits a much simpler interface than other movie streaming sites.

The character of the video could be a slight drawback for movie lovers. But still, the limited ads, smooth, simple design, and massive library of movies make Putlocker9 one of the best streaming sites ever.

2#) PopcornTime


PopcornTime lets you download movies on your PC. In addition, this transcendent online streaming service enables you to contact up your fancied shows whenever you are free.


The mark of the video is abnormally smooth and precise. The interface is immaculate, and the navigation is comely simple to furnish you with the ultimate amusement.

PopcornTime allows you numerous resolutions. You can fancy from 1080p to 720p resolution. The downloaded video can be played on numerous media players. Even the movie buffs can select separate subtitles from this site.

3#) VexMovies


Vexmovies deserves to be on this list. This site will engage the expectations of all the film buffers with a familiar category of tardiest and old movies. In addition, vexmovie streaming site contributes diverse genres, like Romance, Comedy, Drama, Animations, Horror, Action, and much more.


The shapely interface and fast loading speed make it one of the most dependable site ever. You don’t have to worry about sign-up or registration to dig free movies on this site.

Vexmovies have Internationally appreciated films and Hollywood movies too. If you cannot determine which movie class you should watch, click the All Movies benefit.

4#) GoStream


Gostream is registration-free, and you can utilize its content for free. Moreover, it advances you to rummage for movies quickly. Search according to the name, popularity, or genre of film.


Each of the cartoons originates with a short plot summary and additional information about the film. In addition, the library of the site gets updated continuously with newly released films.

Go stream offers high-quality videos. The only predicament one can face while streaming movies are disturbing pop-ups. However, if you snub this problem, this stream is a fitting alternative to the primary source.

5#) BMovies


The dark theme design with easy-to-navigate specialties tenders the BMovies, one of the foremost movie streaming website. Fortunately, this free site won’t summon you to register.


Simply search for your preferred entertainment and inaugurate watching. BMovies alights you the passkey to all of the popular TV exhibits and documentaries.

 Here you can prepare all the Hollywood cartoons and legendary hits from all around the globe. In addition, you can filter your quest by IMDB ratings and genres.

The comforting design cumbersome list of displays makes BMovies an a-lister streaming site. The pleasantest part is, users can collect between the modish and traditional intentions unobstructedly.

6#) 5Movies


In terms of layout, the 5movies will provide you a similar vibe to Putlocker9 and BMovies. This easy-to-navigate site has a satisfactory interface.


5movies will let you seek your videos by several filters. Like, Name, Popularity, Release Date, IMDB ratings, Genre, and much more.

The search bar of the 5 Movies is innovative and different from the other streaming sites. The solitary drawback is, it bestows too many pop-ups. But, other than that, 5Movies is a leading selection for movie buffers.

7#) CouchTuner


The CouchTuner is a powerful, easy-to-access, and user-friendly movie streaming site. Its Spotless and continuous UI column proffers the users an incredible experience.


However, manifold functional distinguished peculiarities are obtainable on this site. For example, CouchTuner will let you observe all of your beloved flicks and TV exhibits in exceptionally high quality. In addition to that, it contributes subtitles in various languages.

Movie maniacs can binge-watch entertainment shows without the interruption of many ads.

But the site sometimes crashes, which may freeze films. If you can overlook this problem, CouchTuner is a decent choice for binge-watching.

8#) Rainierland


Rainierland is a considerably comprehended film streaming source that you can utilize to locate unlimited movies, tv shows, cartoons, and other stuff. You can work its mac OS app to regulate access to everything without using any browser and other tools. Rainierland official site has subsisted with the .to domain extension that you can undeviatingly exercise in any browser. 


You can practice the highlighted content area to win remarkable movies and episodes. However, by employing the “updates” segment of the website, you can obtain freshly annexed content on rainerland. Furthermore, in the “Most popular today” segment, you can discern the worldwide trending films and shows without spending anything. 

You can scan several countries’ names in the footer division; you can accumulate your movies and tv shows based on country of origin that a prominent filter for people who conjecture a single language. 

9#) Filmzie


Filmzie is a free movie streaming program, but it is additionally a legal reference to reach online that’s a rare combination to obtain. It basically delivers all the movies that do not publish on other authority platforms. So you can watch top-notch high-quality dramas there without any issue. The finance model of this website is based on banner and video ads.  


If you fancy utilizing it on your mobile device, download the filmzie app for iPhone and Android. You can undeviatingly obtain this website on amazon fire tv, Samsung smart tv, android tv, and LG smart tv. Similar to sockshare, you do not necessitate to suffer from any kind of charges on this site. 

10#) Film1k


Film1k is another streaming reference that toils you admittance to whole movies and shows without repaying anything. Although it is also a pirated site similar to sock share, you can attend films and tv manifests obtainable on this website without any upshots.


However, this website chiefly contributes to old movies and shows released in the ’80s or ’90s. If you comprehend that kind of cinema, then Film1k is a classic selection to follow in the present. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sockshare Safe?

Not Entirely Safe

Is It Free

Delivers free content

What is Official Working URL

Is sock share legal and down?

Because the contents of the site are not entirely legal, it acquires shut down frequently. In addition, several fake websites use the name of Sockshare free movies to earn profits.

But these sites are filled with irritating pop-ups and many ads. Because of this piracy reasons downloading movies from it is prohibited strictly.

Because of these constant shut down of the site here, we have presented a detailed list of alternatives you can use to watch movies online.

Wrapping It Up…

Because of the piracy issue and the frequent crashing of the site, it may disappoint the users.

To make your life easy, we present you with a detailed list of some most high-grade alternatives.

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These sites will give you the best experience while watching movies. So, movie fanatics! What are you waiting for? Search! And have safe streaming!

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