11 Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Being a movie lover, who doesn’t know about Putlocker? If you love to watch movies then you must be kept finding the one perfect site to watch all your favorite movies, web series, animes, and many others. However, not only the best site matter but free streaming also does and you can not deny this fact. We are so busy nowadays and it is not at all possible to watch movies or series on a regular basis hence, it would be meaningless if you end up getting a subscription for anything such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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You should not spend money on those sites, we know they have plenty of great content but what if you get to see all of those for absolutely free? Well, you have heard it right. Putlocker is that one site that will require no such registration and you will need not even a single penny to watch all latest series and movies here. People who love movies already have explored this site. Although, putlocker is blocked in many countries because of some security reasons.

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How Good Putlocker Movies Is? Putlocker is so damn good that every movie lover is known with this site and they absolutely love this.
11 Alternative Sites Of Putlocker We have discussed 11 alternatives sites that you can check out!

How Good Putlocker Movies Is

Putlocker is so popular among people and it has some reasons too. First of all, if you are willing to watch movies that too newly added movies for free, Putlocker will be the best one to watch on. Binge-watching becomes exciting when you will be able to stream the movies online that too in high quality. You would never be required to download anything and still, you can enjoy the show. The exciting part is, they will not ask you for any registration.

However, you might go for the mirror sites if you are not able to watch Putlocker but it will not provide you with the contents like Putlocker. So, we have made a list of 11 sites that can be called a perfect alternate of Putlocker. Let’s find out them below.

Alternative Sites Of Putlocker

i) Los Movies:

The 2000-page long catalog of series and movies that too of all genres will attract you no matter what. If you are a movie lover then you are going to love the UI interface as they are quite simple and unique too. You can easily search for movies by year, name, and enjoy watching them. There are so many pop-ups available so you might need to be extra careful while clicking on any option.

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You simply need to click exactly on the movie that you want to watch and you will love this site for so many reasons including its super amazing collection.

ii) Popcornflix:

If you think that you can only watch Captain Marvel on Putlocker for free then you are absolutely wrong. Popcornflix is the site where you will love watching movies and you do not have to spend a single penny. This website will let you access all the latest movies with excellent download speeds as well as quality. You will find plenty of different genres including sci-fi, romance, action, and comedy.

If you are not really sure of one single movie then you can simply choose the favorite genre and then check out the whole list of movies. But, let me tell you when you are enjoying popcornflix, a bowl of popcorn is mandatory.

iii) Watch Online Series:

In case you are finding a perfect website where you can roam around and explore all the newly added web series one by one, then this is the one. And we think it can be called the perfect alternate of Putlocker for so many obvious reasons. Especially if you are a Tv show addict then you will find this site really interesting. In order to satisfy your urge, you need to check this site once.

If you miss watching Game Of Thrones on Putlocker then you will find it here as well. Since we know GOT is not easily available that too for free. We hope you have got the biggest reason for love this site.

iv) 123 Movies:

We were finding the one site that looks super authentic and something that can blow your mind. The UI interface of this site will blow your mind with its amazing collection of web series, movies, and many more. They also have a huge collection of anime, Asian drama, cartoons and this is something that has made it the perfect alternative site of Putlocker. You will never see this website down as it will connect you to a third-party server and that’s what makes it unique.

In fact, 123Movies is legal so you do not have to worry about any illegal content or pirated content and you can enjoy your movie.

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v) SolarMovies:

The biggest online movie streaming site and of course, loved by a hell lot of people who love watching movies that too binge-watching. They do have a perfect and polished UI interface that will woo you and then they have an amazing collection of movies, web series, and many more. They will show you a list of trending movies on their home page and you can watch movies from there as well.

Although registration is not mandatory. But if you register then you can make your favorite list of movies so that you can watch them later too. Also, you can see the IMDB ratings and other critics’ ratings and then choose what to watch.

vi) Primewire:

The layout of the site might be a bit disappointing for you but trust me you will love its features for so many reasons. Not necessarily everyone needs to be really good with their smartphones and other apps but still they also wish to watch online movies. You can suggest it to them and you will see them enjoying this site.

They will offer you three different qualities: Medium, Low, and High. You can choose the quality according to your internet connection and how speed you are getting. You can enjoy Primewire for its simple UI interface and its huge collection of movies.

vii) Rainierland:

To be honest, I love the name Rainierland since I have a special connection with strange names. However, if you are looking for some good and top-notch content then you need to check out this site. When you will open this site, you can see all newly added and updated movies on the home screen and it will eventually help you to find your perfect match. Here, you can stream movies online without downloading them.

If you visit their movie section then you will see some of the handpicked movies and you do not have to search by yourself. From there, you can choose one and watch it.

viii) Yesmovies:

While looking for a pleasant interface and of course, a perfect alternative you will see how this site will woo your mind. They have a hell lot of collection of good movies, web series, and many more. This online streaming site will let you explore the whole site and you can watch movies without downloading them. They offer you a wide range of newly added series that too in HD quality. Although, you can choose the quality according to your internet connection.

However, binge-watching might seem a bit tough when you are watching movies on this site because you need to generate a stream URL and open it in a different tab.

ix) Movie Watcher:

This unique online movie streaming site will let you watch and download movies even if you are offline. If you are going on a trip where you will be not able to connect to the internet, you can simply download all movies that you want to watch on your vacation and watch them for free. You will never be out of entertainment in your life if you are known with this site.

However, they will show your the result according to the popularity, a year of release, and genre. So, you can choose what exactly you are willing to watch and then enjoy your movie.

x) FMovies:

If you are thinking that Avengers Endgame can be watched on Putlocker then you are wrong. You can watch it here as well. First of all, this is a leading online movie streaming site and then it is very much popular as a perfect alternative of Putlocker for so many reasons. If you are a movie lover then you must be known with this site and know how it provides high-quality movies.

You do not require any sort of registration but still enjoy the show. You can see all the trending movies on the homepage along with the IMDB rating. The best part is, dark mode will let you enjoy the show more than you can even imagine.

xi) SnagFilms:

This website is known for being the most interesting online movie streaming site as they provide more than 20 million titles. We have seen that SnagFilms has everything that one could possibly ask for. You will not be interrupted with unnecessary ads and that is the best part of this site.

If you love binge-watching then you can enjoy the whole day on your couch and keep on watching.

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Final Thoughts

You should take advantage of these free sites instead of going for a subscription as you hardly get time to watch movies every day. You can also download a VPN to watch movies anonymously.

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