What is lockapp.exe and How to Stop Lockapp

A lot of you must have noticed a process running on your computer known as LockApp.exe. This is just a standard functionality going on at the background of your operating system.

Today in this article, we will learn about LockApp whether it is safe or not? And how to fix it? Stick through the end of this article to find the answer to all of these questions.

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What is LockApp.exe in windows 10

LockApp.exe is an executable file or program that is created by Microsoft and is a part of the Windows 10 operating system. The LockApp.exe displays the lock screen overlay that appears while you sign in to your computer or you lock your windows screen.

With the LockApp.exe, you can see the background image, time, date, weather forecast, and other ‘quick status’ items. Like you can set any information such as email notifications while you sign in to your computer.

This executable file performs its wok at the moment you wither sign in or lock your windows screen. It does not show any other task most of the time.

This process is created to grab only a little space and does not use a lot of your CPU memory or other resources.

Is LockApp exe safe or not?

There are no such cases yet raised about LockApp.exe not being safe. However, the .exe extension (What is .exe) being an executable file can, in some cases, can damage your computer.

Generally, the LockApp.exe file will get located under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Corporation\Windows 10 Operating System\LockApp.exe. Now, if the LockApp.exe file gets found located in another folder, then there is a possibility of it being malware or virus.

A tool that can help you detect the lousy process is Microsoft process explorer. For doing this, start the program and activate “check legends” under options. Go to view and select columns then add the columns as “Verified signers.” You must look at this process further in case any of its statuses listed as “Unable to verify.”

If in case you suspect to be infected with a virus, you must immediately try to fix it. For doing this, you can scan LockApp.exe with a trusted antivirus. To do the antivirus scanning, follow the steps given below:

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  • In the search, the menu looks for the Windows defender program (In case you are willing to scan the file through it).
  • Go to advanced scan ->select the custom scan and then click on scan now.

How to Stop & fix LockApp.exe

Keeping your system clean is the best way to avoid errors with LockApp.exe. A lot of such programs running in your system can consume resources as per your needs. Sometimes LockApp.exe using GPU consume a lot of support.

This implies performing malware checks, cleaning your hard disk, uninstalling programs you think are not necessary, empowering programmed Windows updates, and monitor auto-start programs. Always remember to make backups for a safe side.

Utilize the resmon direction to recognize the procedures that are causing your concern.

You can also try to fix your installation in case account of Windows 8 by executing DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-picture/Restorehealth. With this, you can adjust the operating system without much loss.

You can perform the fixes mentioned below:


  • Firstly, download the PC repair & optimizer tool on your system.
  • Now to find Windows registry issues click on “start scan.”
  • Now once you find any issue, click on “Repair All” to fix them all.

This tool is a quick fix solution, then doing it manually. It fixes a lot of computer errors and protects the risk of data loss, hardware failure while optimizing your PC’s performance to the maximum.


Downloading the LockApp.exe from the main Windows 10 operating system associated application is recommended. In case you go to you look for LockApp.exe from any other download source, there may be a lot of chance that it may contain a virus with it.

How to disable LockApp.exe on Windows 10?

Disabling the LoackApp.exe process will make login quicker and smoother within a few seconds only. Doing so will erase the lock screen background image/page, and you will only see the regular sign-in prompt and quick status items. Follow the steps given below to disable LockApp.exe:

  • Firstly, go to the file explorer.
  • Now navigate to the following path C:\Windows\SystemApps.Now locate Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy, right-click and then select “Rename.” 
  • Finally, change the file name to Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy.backup.

3) Use external Uninstaller to Remove or disable it

To disable or remove it from your computer, you need any external program remover to get rid of it completely.   

1) Download an uninstaller on your system:  download uninstaller software from here

2) complete the download process of the software and install it by full filling the requirements. 

3) after that start the uninstaller program and now pick lockapp.exe and press uninstall to remove it completely.


The LockApp.exe is a simple process that displays the lock screen overlap. You can add some quick status items in it, such as date, time, weather forecast, email notification, etc.

Although LockApp.exe is of no threat to you and safe, .exe being an executable file can, in some cases, damage your PC. In the discussion above, we have provided you the simplest ways to fix the LockApp.exe issues. We hope you find them easy and hassle-free.

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