Healthcare Innovations: Advantages of At-Home Lab Testing

Mobile lab service makes your life easier by coming right to your location to collect samples

It is no surprise that the healthcare landscape is changing: the global concerns with the Covid-19 pandemic have increased the use of at-home testing protocols, which has allowed considerable clinical research to continue remotely.

Regarding clinical analysis Marbella, there has been considerable development and transformation to find solutions to best serve patients. For instance, Excelan makes lab testing easy and convenient and provides digital (and easy to understand!) results from certified labs in less than 24 hours.

Over the last years, the private and luxury clinic has been sharply focused on creating an efficient at-home test system, that offers from a routine blood test to complex genetic testing, with excellent results.

At-home laboratory has obvious and substantial advantages. Here are some of the reasons (from insights and anecdotal experience) why people are choosing this method of clinical analysis.

It is Safe

Using the traditional in-clinic test involves multiple visits to health facilities that can lead to stress, irritation, and many risks. Many patients dislike or are afraid of hospitals, and others are simply afraid of getting the coronavirus.

Avoiding on-site visits is one of the strategies to adapt to the “New Normal” under Covid-19 and its need for a more socially distant approach. In that sense, home-based tests can help alleviate the anxiety and keep people safe and out of healthcare facilities, already jam-packed with coronavirus-related patients.

The safety and well-being of all patients is a top priority regarding lab testing, with clinics committing to a safe, respectful, and harassment-free environment.

 It Saves Time

Several executives and busy-profile patients, who cannot miss work, already jumped into at-home medical service and testing. Trips to the clinic usually confer a disruption in their schedules and activities, especially now with the pandemic specific protocols that has increased wait times.

Remote-based testing makes the process of lab testing and medical attention faster and more efficient. Your GP doctor Marbella or technician is just a phone call away. As a matter of fact,you can get in touch by phone, WhatsApp or email and ask for a customized service at home or wherever you are: hotel, office,gym, or golf court, at a time that is convenient for you.

 It is reliable

All at-home lab test results are reliable. Once the samples have been collected, they are sent to an outside certified supplier meeting rigorous standards for test accuracy and reliability. The staff is trained effectivelyto make sureto preserve the integrity of the samples during the journey from home (or any other location) to the lab.

All suppliers use validated extraction methods to process samples in order to ensure the highest level of sample accuracy and reliability of testing results.

Also, collection and logistic methods are carefully and optimally designed so that quality lab testing can happen from home. Patients receive a more personalized approach, better targeted, with a kind and skilled staff trained to take samples painlessly, in a simple way, and as quickly as possible.

The Results are Fast

On-site lab testing may take several days to complete the tests and send the results to your doctor for interpretation. Then, an appointment with your doctor is required to get the results, which takes an unnecessary amount of time.

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With at-home lab testing, the test results are available within 24 hours, or as soon as they come up. This means that patients will receive their results on the same day of the sample collection, which makes waiting for results less stressful.

One you receive the results, you do not need to chase doctors for an appointment, you can just get follow-up by phone or telemedicine, to get treatment or support from health experts and to ensure you fully understand your health situation.

Also, as soon as they are released from the performing lab, your results are available online, with a variety of secure technologies and procedures to help protect your information from unauthorized access. You can access them at any time.

The transition from traditional in-clinic lab tests to a remote approach with at-home models takes advantage of the latest health technology developments. All signs suggest that home-based medicine will play an important role from now on.

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