7 Gostream Alternatives To try For Movies

Movies are the thing that gives us relief from that reality of our and we love to roam around the world and get to know people’s journey through movies. We have seen people who love to watch a movie on a daily basis if not movies then it has to be web series. We could not get time due to the hectic schedule and the work pressure but movie lovers literally make sure that they get at least 30 minutes to watch an episode of any series. We understand that it is getting too difficult to deal with our work life and we hardly get time to visit the movie hall.

That is why, if even we come across a really good trailer but hardly could make time to watch that movie. But, what will be your escape option then if not movies? I have seen a lot of people are afraid of the thought of not getting to watch at least one good movie on the weekend. Well, we have a huge collection of movie streaming sites that will bring you happiness and give you relaxation!

Gostream Questions Discussion
Why People Drool Over Gostream? There are so many reasons behind drooling over this particular site and we have discussed the reasons.
7 Alternatives Of Gostream Movies We have picked up 7 sites that are not only up to the quality but can be a perfect alternative of Gostream. You should check them out on the list.

Why People Drool Over Gostream

Asking this question would be really nothing less than foolishness. Who doesn’t know about Gostream Site? We all know but it’s true that some of the countries have already blocked this site so everyone is not at all able to watch this, still, we are assuring you for not to worry. This is a pretty common name that every movie fanatic knows literally.

However, not everyone knows about this so let me tell you, this is a website that provides the users to watch Tv shows, animes, movies, web series, and many more. Hence, even if you are not a movie fan but an anime fan, you are will be able to satisfy your cravings here.

Most of the time, especially if we make a sudden movie plan then we are not at all already with downloaded movies and that is why we need a website that will let you live streaming so that we do not have to compromise our cravings. And of course, the online streaming option is the biggest reason we love Gostream movies. Hence, we know they might be down or not available in many countries but we have come up with 7 best alternatives, as we said you do not have to worry.

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Alternatives Of Gostream Movies

We know that there are a few proxy sites of 123movies handled by different people but trust me you are not going to get what you want there every time. After ending up being disappointed, I literally have decided that I will find out the perfect alternatives no matter what. Thankfully, after doing a hell lot of research I have got to know about the best 7 alternatives so that I can watch movies hassle-free. Here, I will be sharing the alternative below, let’s check them out!

i) FMovies:

If you are familiar with this site then you must already know how good it is. There will be no shortage of good movies or web series or animes in Fmovies. This site could be called a perfect alternative of FMovies and the best part is, it will connect you with a third party site so if you think one site is down, another will be totally okay. The Ui interface will give you a glimpse of Gostream movies or 123movies Gostream for so many reasons.

They generally have a huge section with the latest movies, suggestions, Tv series, and Animes. So, you can search through the section and then decide what you want to watch or what is trending. They will show you the trending movies or everything on the homepage. However, you are recommended to install an ad-blocker to enjoy your movie date with your loved one.

ii) YesMovies:

Yesmovies does not really have a lot common with gostream movies but still, it has managed to be in movie lovers’ hearts for so many reasons. If you love watching movies along with the part, stream online. You would definitely love this site too. However, both YesMovies and Gostream have a similar interface so you will love the UI. They have a huge collection of content that too with different categories and genres. You will get a huge list of categories on their site, and you can choose among those.

They have mostly TV series and Movies in their bucket so if you are in search of anime or something, you will not get it here. But, of course, they too have the best part and it is nothing but their classic movie collection that will woo you literally!

iii) AZMovies:

If you are not really sure what to watch today but you want to watch something, then you will get an A-Z list of movies and web series here. They will offer you most of the movies in HD quality so that you can even enjoy the classic movies that you generally do not find in good quality. They keep every movie on two different servers so that you can get it no matter what. This is very important to check the availability and you will never be disappointed.

They will provide you will subtitles in a few different languages so if you are not good with English then also you can enjoy the movie in your language. Their advertisement on Reddit about newly added movies will keep you updated and you can watch immediately after they are released.

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iv) Movie4K:

When we have been searching for a movie streaming site that too for free, we have come across this one, and trust me this is the perfect alternative of Gostream. The UI interface will make everything easier for you and you do not have to waste time searching for movies. The streaming speed here is really fast and it will take no time to load the whole content. They have a huge collection and you can sort them by genre, quality, and years.

If you are not really able to find out what to watch then you can simply ask them to choose something random for you and you can discover a whole new movie that you have never watched. You will not require a single penny to stream movies here.

v) Putlocker:

This is the most common site that has been there for a long time now. There is no even a single movie liver who doesn’t love this site. After Gostream, this is the one site that people have been searching for. They provide you with HD quality content and everyone can watch movies here around the globe. The best part is, you will get all newly released web series or movies here just within a day or two.

However, there are a few mirror sites but we would suggest you stick to the original one because there is no other site that can beat the originality of this site. And of course, you know the reasons already so why would you go anywhere else? The UI interface will attract you more than anything else.

vi) WatchFree:

If we say that they have a lot of collection then that would not be any justice but they literally have a huge collection and you will find similarities with Gostream 123movies. This site is not that old so it might not have gained a lot of popularity but it will. It has the potential of getting on the top. It will give you a smooth user experience and it has a collection of almost 16,000 movies in different genres. Hence, we are sure that you will love it for so many reasons.

vii) Popcornflix: lo

While watching movies on this site, having a bucket of popcorn is so mandatory. They have a huge collection with different genres and categories so you can finally satisfy your cravings. You will find all good and high rated content here and you do not even need to use an ad-blocker because you will not ever be interrupted with unnecessary ads.

The flawless user experience will grab your attention and you will enjoy your movie date more than ever!


You might find a lot of online movie streaming sites and think why we have only taken 7 sites as the perfect alternative and up to the quality. You will be amazed to watch movies here n every platform and the reasons are already known by you. If you want to watch movies as anonymous then you should install a VPN.

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