Digital Tools for Digital Age: Writing Tools That Will Help You Develop and Improve Your Writing Process

Some may argue that the presence of technology in our society tends to make people lazy, prompting that these technological devices keep us from performing physical activities on a day to day basis, in that point, a couch potato.

digital tools

Having necessary and basic digital tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs in your laptop that helps you create documents makes our lives much more manageable. With its accessibility and by making your writing skills on its peak and bright and articulate, your work is polished.

Through those tools, editing your manuscript or revising your novel, or the fact the proofreading is made much painless helps you save a lot of time. Here is the list of digital tools in the digital age that will help you open your imagination and spread your creativity.

Character Word Counter

It is essential, crucial, and vital to be able to know the character count in your write-ups. There is a particular time when a writer has to write a novel. It would be in the line of maximum and the minimum number of characters. That could be in the medium of a novel, story, article, essay, research paper, or even a simple report.

Thus, through this wonderful digital tool, the character word counter will guide you in reaching your specific goal. The most fantastic thing about the character word counter is that it gives you full details in your writing progress.

This digital tool counts the characters or the words in your document. Aside from all that, the character word counter offers other tools too that will cultivate not just your writing process but also different aspects of your life such as Scrabble Word Finder, Pomodoro Timer, and Mind Map Tool.

So what are you waiting for? Change your life with this powerful tool to inform you and keep you posted about your character count. So, keep on writing, grip that pen, or continue to click-clack your keyboard and achieve your writing goals.

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There are times when the glitz, glamour, and galore of the social media distract or tempt us and, by that, send us hours and hours into the rabbit hole of browsing and procrastinating, ending up not getting work done. Well, I am with you with that. Sometimes, stuff like that can feel frustrating, bothersome, vexatious, and counterproductive.

This tool, FocusWriter, provides a simple environment where you will be free from all the distractions and temptations in your way of writing. With FocusWriter having a hide-away interface that can be utilized by merely moving your mouse is a game-changer. With that in mind, you could walk through those empty halls and make some noise in it.


When working on your bestselling novel, you have to take a chance to have the best among the best writing tools. With that, Scrivener’s credibility and track record will show you why you should have it.

Sure, there is a Microsoft Word available for everyone. Still, the notion that it is made for everyone’s needs, such as students, teachers, lawyers, and the list goes on, makes you think about the fact that it will be conducive for me?

And with that in mind, Scrivener is made for one profession. By that, I mean it is built for the primary purpose to help writers/authors develop their stories quickly and efficiently. It offers tons and tons of features from formatting your manuscript up to organizing it. With all of that, Scrivener will make an environment that will help you focus, and that is creating fiction or worlds people want to imagine what it is like.

Cliché Finder

Cliches are one of the greatest enemies of creativity. Because when you have cliches all over your work, it just proves that you are not diving deep into your imagination. And that may cause a couple of push backs towards your audience because no one wants to be around cliches.

It is a very fact, we all try so hard to steer away from that detriment. We are in a constant battle and struggle to provide new and refreshing phrases to encapsulate metaphors and hidden meaning in a text. In that way, making our work of art stood out by having its own flair and personality.

In writing, the thing about overusing words and phrases throughout your text is that it hinders your text’s flow in case of a story; it will make it lengthy and boring to read. However, there are times when those repeated words cannot be noticed, mainly when we rely on ourselves. That is why Cliche Finder is here to help you navigate through that rough and rocky road.


ASANA is a terrific and outstanding task management tool that will help you become more immersed in your task. ASANA allows you to build your projects, and then the next thing they do about it is they break them into pieces of tasks and then subtasks; if that is only, you find the subtasks still a heavy workload for you.

The wonderful thing about ASANA is the fact that it allows you to set your list of tasks, tasks that need or should be prioritized. ASANA can also make you jittery and sweating in fear since you could set alarms plus due dates to the tasks you have, which makes you anxious about having that alarm blowing off and not finishing it on time. And this digital tool is for free!


In the writing realm, the importance of focusing on your work is a shot to the heart and a punch through the darkness. So, with the help of our modern tools; at some point, writing has become more manageable and keeps you on your toes.

Though, through these techniques and digital developments, one cannot deny that it boosts our productivity and becomes state of the art itself, especially when it comes to different fields, may it be in terms of business or writing. In a world that is wrapped around with the changing dynamics, technology is definitely one thing that evolves every minute.

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