What is ApsDaemon.exe & How To Stop It

A lagging computer, an unknown file or program draining your computer or an error like the ApsDaemon.exe system error is what mostly pushes users like you to research.

Not just you but even an expert can’t know about every file that a computer is equipped with. Each computer is loaded with multiple programs and applications, and each of these programs is run with the help of several files.

Because it’s the combined effort of these files that make your computer work and run smoothly. An issue with one of those affects the overall performance of your computer in an undesirable way.

It is also important that even if you find that a particular executable file like APSDaemon exe system error creating issues, you must first learn what is APSDaemon.exe?

To find out whether or not removing the file will affect the performance of the system and what are the alternatives before removing it altogether. Let us answer all those questions one by one before disclosing how to stop APSDaemon.exe.

 What is APSDaemon.exe

To begin with, the first question one needs to address while researching an unknown program is the ‘what’. APSDaemon, the unknown file in concern causing an error on your computer stands for the Apple Push Service Daemon and the .exe is used as an extension for executable files.

APSDaemon is a part of the Apple Application Support which is responsible for the Apple Push Notification Service. But that brings us to the very next question, what is an Apple Push Notification?

Apple Push Notification through Apple Application Support makes use of push technology to synchronize devices through iTunes. Using an open IP connection the application support sends notifications from applications to the apple devices.

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So in simple terms, deleting the APSDaemon exe may affect the notification system on your Apple device, be it your MacBook, iPhone, iPad or iPod. To understand what is Apple Push Notifications, it is custom alerts that can be in the form of and include texts, badge, sound, and signs.

Along with the push notification, it also keeps your devices synched even without the device with the help of iTunes 9. An important function that may stop after blocking or stopping APSDaemon startup.

All details about APSDaemon 
Name of the File: apsdaemon.exe
Publisher: Apple Inc.
Publisher URL:
Product name: Apple Push
Size: 40.33 MB (mostly up to)
Path C:\Program Files\common files\apple\apple application support\apsdaemon.exe

Effects of Blocking APSDaemon Startup?

Most executable files like APSDaemon.exe are at a greater risk of getting infected by trojan or malware which is why people tend to delete every executable file they come across in their system.

But, deleting executable files from your system may have an opposite effect on the performance of your computer. This is the main reason why you must not remove or block legitimate and safe executable files.

While one of the good effects may be getting rid of the error caused by the executable file, there are bad effects of the block that needs to be considered as well.

Being a part of the Apple Application Support and popularly known as Apple Push, removing the executable file may keep you away from the important notifications from all the third-party apps, you have installed on your Apple device.

This is not even half the story because the scary part is still left. Removing the APSDaemon.exe will stop wireless syncing of your devices which increases the risk of losing data from your device.

 Do You Need To Block The APSDaemon exe? What Are The Alternatives?

 After learning the effects, you must avoid blocking or removing the executable file from your system. But, it may be infected, which can be extremely dangerous because it is the corrupted files, or viruses that put your extremely private data saved on your computer at risk. What is the solution then?

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  1. Use reliable anti-virus software to scan your computer for corrupted files and viruses and block them from running in your system. Find out if the software has blocked the concerned executable file.
  2. Thoroughly clean your computer by carrying out all possible scans like DISM Scan, SFC Scan, and Disk Cleanup.
  3. Update your OS which may be the cause behind the error or lagging computer.
  4. Keep all your drivers updated.

If not a single alternative solution works, then as a last resort, you may stop the APSDaemon.exe to fix the APSDaemon exe system error by taking the following steps.

 How To Stop APSDaemon Startup?

  1. On a Windows OS, open the control panel from the start or Windows menu then find Programs.
  2. Navigate to Uninstall or remove a program and using your mouse pointer click on it.
  3. Now from the list of programs, you need to find Apple Application Support and click on it.
  4. Select Uninstall from the drop-down menu and follow the prompts on the wizard to complete the process.


  1. On a MacBook, close all windows and now launch open a new window in the applications folder.
  2. You may also click on the Hard Disk Icon.
  3. Now find and drag Apple Application Support to the trash and empty it to remove the program.

How to Fix ApsDaemon exe Errors

In case, you do not love the idea of stopping it instead you want to fix all the errors regarding this windows application on your system. I have a way to achieve this kind of condition with apsdaemon application.

To fix errors without doing anything, i have a external application or you can say software that will automatically fix all the errors and you do not require any kind of technical knowledge or information about window’s processes.

1) First you need to open a tab in browser and start download PC repair.

2) After the completion of download, you need to follow the installation process like any other window’s application.

3) Now, it’s time to fix the error, to do such process open the installed application and search for the apsdaemon.exe there and then press “repair or fix” button. This tool will automatically do all the background work and make your PC error free.


In case, you cannot avoid removing the Apple Application System, there is another solution that you may try. Remove iTunes and all its related components that include the Apple Application Support, of which Apple push or APSDaemon.exe is a part of.

Then, download and reinstalling iTunes to get the most updated version of the application along with all legitimate component files.

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