Alter Your Small Kitchen With These 6 Kitchen Storage Ideas

Most of us are fond of transforming our kitchen into a more comfy environment; we love the idea of buying things that we thought are essential in beautifying our place. However, every time we want to give it a makeover, we always get sad that we have a small area ; instead of turning it beautifully, it turns out chaotic.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

However, the small space isn’t the one to blame here, Pal. You must be forgetting something, and that’s purchasing and creating storage that will help you organize all your kitchenware. But it’s not yet the end! You can still change it into a fabulous one with these simple kitchen ideas.

3-Tier Wall Mounted Wire Baskets for Fruits and Vegetables

Veggies and fruits are the keys to having a healthy lifestyle; that’s why we must have these kinds of food all the time at home. However, storing them eats so much space; even if we organize them in one area, it doesn’t change the fact that it acquires a vast area.

The good thing is we have this 3-Tier wall mounted wire basket for our veggies and fruits. Buying this basket is one of the most amazing small kitchen storage ideas you shouldn’t take for granted, for it’s the answer to your long time problem. Just find the right place to hang this item, and then place all your stocks to make your kitchen look organized.

Kitchen Rack Magnetic Refrigerator Storage Organizer

Perhaps you haven’t realized that your refrigerator’s front space can be utilized using this magnetic refrigerator rack. This storage is really suitable for wine bottles or other cans that you don’t want to get cold. Aside from that, the lower portion can be used to place your hand towels for easy access.

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Having a kitchen drawer organizer doesn’t just minimize the space; it also helps you store the materials that shouldn’t be exposed to insects such as cockroaches, for it might cause illnesses to your family. The spoons, forks, and knives are some of the examples you can place in a kitchen drawer.

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Storage Cabinet

Having a cabinet in your kitchen doesn’t just give a lovely view; it’s also suitable for materials that aren’t used often at home. Apart from that, you can also put a flower vase or any decorations on the cabinet’s upper part to make it more beautiful.

Kitchen Pantry Pan and Lid Organizer

Without pans, you can’t cook for your loved ones and yourself, Pal. You need to purchase different sizes for different occasions; if you have a big family, you need to have the big one. Buying different sizes of pans makes it hard for you to keep all of those; you can store it in a cabinet, but it’s not pleasing to have it piled up.

Gladly, this pantry and lid organizer allows you to organize all your pans. Small pans that are nowhere to be found will no longer be out of sight because you have your organizer with you that keeps your things intact and arranged.

20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack Tower Organizer

The spices should always be present in the kitchen, for they’re the reason why the food you always prepare is delicious; without them, everything won’t make sense. However, we often misplaced the seasonings due to its sizes; to avoid it, we need this spice rack tower organizer. We don’t have to do a thorough search for the other seasonings because this organizer positioned all our condiments in one place.

Kitchen Storage Ideas


We can always have a comfortable kitchen even if it’s small; as long as we know how to organize things, everything will look good and fabulous. Keep cooking for your loved ones without getting angry for having a messy place because you’ll be having an organized kitchen starting today. Keep all those kitchen ideas in your mind, and apply it in the future, Pal!

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