4 Best T-Mobile Phones to Have in 2020

T-Mobile is one of the most acknowledged mobile brands in the mobile communications world. Founded back in 1999, the brand is considered one of the best mobile providers in the US. The orders for T-Mobile have never been this much because a lot of people have been starting to use smartphones.

T-Mobile phones

Lucky for us, manufacturers of smartphones have been jacking it up as well. This is the reason why there are so many models of T-Mobile phones that are being sold today, and people have a lot of options that they can choose from. To make things easier for all of our readers, we will be giving you some of the best T-Mobile phones you should have in 2020.

Apple iPhone 11

There is no doubt that the iPhone 11 is one of the best T-mobile phones. It is the newest model in the line of iPhones, and you can’t expect less from the company itself. The Apple A13 chip embedded in the anodized aluminum body is one of the biggest reasons iPhone 11s are sold so much. The ultra-fast chip goes well with the huge battery of the iPhone 11.

Even though there were no major changes in the design from its previous version, everything inside was enhanced. The camera still has the same quality, and they have completely removed the 3.5mm jack. Compared to the iPhone X, the iPhone 11 is much cheaper than the iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Now is the perfect time for Apple’s rival to be introduced. When compared to other smartphones, the Galaxy S20 will make any other smartphone look like a compact smartphone. The company chose the Galaxy S20 to be their flagship smartphone despite the brewing release of the S10 series.

The charging capabilities of the S20 is one of the fastest in the market today. Of all the T-Mobile phones being sold, the Galaxy S20 has the finest display profile. It has an upper edge because of its larger storage and memory capabilities compared to other smartphones. However, all these amazing features come at a heavy price.

Samsung Galaxy Note10

The Galaxy Note series was made for extremely busy people and needed a certain phone that would be able to do what a computer can. This series will always have the most functional and useful smartphones, and with their 10th reincarnation, the Note series is more powerful than ever.

It still has its signature S-Pen, and other amazing features packed with it. In case you didn’t know what an S-Pen can do, it can take down notes to a whole new level and can even be utilized as a remote control when doing presentations. Compared to the Galaxy S20, the Note 10 is much larger, but the Note 10 is the most compact phablet ever made by Samsung.

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Google Pixel 3a

Ever since Google released its smartphone line in 2016, people have supported the brand. The best marketing strategy made by the Google Pixel phone is that they were made and manufactured by Google itself. With that in mind, these smartphones are the first to have any major or minor updates.

The Google Pixel 3a is the first inexpensive smartphone of the brand. For two years, you only have to pay $16.67 each month on T-Mobile. The brand’s aim is to bring superior features down to a more affordable category. Even though it is less powerful than any other on this list, there is still an acceptable reason on why the Google Pixel 3a is included on this list.


Every phone that T-Mobile sells is considered one of the best, even though they weren’t included on this short list. They have it all for you, from budget phones to flagship units. Since there are so many options that T-Mobile offers, knowing how much to spend is very important.

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